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First portrait

May 28, 2009

Christian 900This is my first portrait.(50×40, oil on canvan).

Ancient battle

May 2, 2009

Along time ago a furious battle had destroyed everything and everyone. Myklos and Dolmon were great friends, but they loved the same woman. In spite of the battle they ‘ve fought until exhaustion,then they ‘ve gone  one’s own way.(Watercolour 54x17cm).

Fuga nella foresta di Hitily

April 23, 2009

bucolic1Yama , after the father’s died,goes into the  Hitily forest..

She’ll found darkness, but when she ‘ll wake up she’ll have a surprise.( watercolour 27x40cm).

La profezia

March 9, 2009


Verrà un tempo che ogni cosa rivelerà la sua vera essenza, e il mondo cederà gradualmente spazio all’oscurità del nulla…(acquerello su carta 54×25 cm).