Comic Festival Munich 2013

TAV.25On 31st of May to 2nd of June I will dedicate Tome 3 in Munich Comic Festival with others important Italian Author.On the occasion of it an original artworks  exhibition will be organized in honor of Italian artcomic.

For any infos:

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3 Responses to “Comic Festival Munich 2013”

  1. Werner Maresta Says:

    Ci vedremo, questa volta! 🙂

  2. Laura Zuccheri Says:

    Ciao Werner,
    esatto, ci vedremo in terra Teutonica dopo un sacco di anni:)

  3. Thorsten Bruemmel Says:

    Hi Laura,

    here´s Thorsten from Germany.

    Did you have the time to do my Tex-commission? Unfortunately i lost your email-address!

    Can you please contact me.

    I´m looking forward to meet you in Munich!


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