Earthquake at my home

I want to write about a terrible earthquake in Italy.

Unfortunately the epicentre was in a Northen Italian zone where I have my home. A beautiful cultural heritage is completely lost, 4000 people are displaced and the ground keeps shaking now. I’m really dismay, my home suffered superficial damages but from now on my place is considered a risky earthquake area. I draw Les E’pèe’s de Verre taking inspiration from beautiful old houses and castles, the atmosphere so mysterious and attractive like my region.The earthquake was really severe, 6° of the Richter scale.

4 Responses to “Earthquake at my home”

  1. robi Says:

    mi spiace per casa tua Laura, anche dai miei a Ferrara c’è stato qualche lieve danno, oltre a tanta paura. La magnitudo della scossa più forte è stata 5,9 della scala Richter, quella più tosta.

  2. Laura Zuccheri Says:

    Ciao Robi,non ci posso ancora credere°__°.
    Almeno non ho sentito il boato che mi hanno raccontato al telefono i vicini di casa…

  3. carla Says:

    mi sei piaciuta molto, Lilli. L’Emilia, la nostra carissima terra la cui gente operosa, generosa, capace e geniale che ci ha dato i fondamenti della nostra cultura. Granbacio!

  4. Julien Says:

    I’m really sorry, these earthquakes caused a lot of damages in Italy but I hope you’ll be better soon. That’s sad for the beautiful architecture.

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