A very appreciated review…

Here a review (in french) on the “Swords of glass” (Les Épées de Verre) from the web-magazine “Underground Society”. I find it very right and qualified. I’m very encouraged by the fact it is possible to feel the hard work behind each page and that my drawings are capable of take the reader by hand into the parallel word of Yama.

Yama rules again!

Dear reader, I can give you a little anticipation… in the Tome II of “Les Épées de Verre” you will be thrown in the mysterious atmosphere of the dangerous city of Karelane…

The dangerous city of Karelane

It will be hard for you to escape from it…

Hopeless escape

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7 Responses to “A very appreciated review…”

  1. Shanth Enjeti Says:

    Laura! Laura! Laura!

    These images are incredible!!!

    I cannot wait for TOME 2!!!



  2. Laura Zuccheri Says:

    Ehy Shanth,
    thanks.This Tome is particular interesting to draw..
    The story is amazing, Sylviane Corgiat is a incredible comicwriter!

  3. Davide Barzi Says:

    Folle, quanto ci hai messo a realizzare la prima tavola?

  4. Laura Zuccheri Says:

    Una giornata!

  5. paolo raffaelli Says:

    Molto evocativo, veramente. Mi devo procurare il primo albo! Ciao

  6. Werner Maresta Says:

    Veramente stupendi!

  7. Marco Cortellazzi Says:

    Complimenti vivissimi Laura. Se mi contatti vorrei farti un paio di domande, ciao.

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