Life in swamp


Evening in Kuruk’s hut. (watercolours on paper, Tome 2).

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8 Responses to “Life in swamp”

  1. Shanth Enjeti Says:


    This is amazing! I am looking forward to Tome 2.


  2. Laura Zuccheri Says:

    hey Shanth,
    thank you!…This Tome 2 is titanic and complex…


  3. José Says:

    hi Laura,
    A little message to encourage you in the preparation of your next volume.
    I hope i see you soon…



  4. Laura Zuccheri Says:

    Hi Josè, thank you for your encourage, I need so much!
    Bye 🙂

  5. José Says:

    eh eh eh,
    good, i am very fan of your draws :p
    do you remember me ?
    In Montpellier
    best regards (and good luck)

  6. Laura Zuccheri Says:

    Hi Josè,
    I remembered you!
    Thanks for your message!

  7. Germano Bonazzi Says:

    Ciao Laura, complimenti per il tuo “Les Epee De Verre”, ho avuto un pò di spese ma il prossimo mese lo compro su amazon. Brava!

  8. Diego Agrimbau Says:

    Hi Laura,
    I really thought your book was going to take the Utopiales Palmares (I’m the writer of Fergus). Your art is astonishing! I hope we meet someday.

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