“Le Figaro”

On the following link, “Le Figaro” comments Les Épées de Verre.


ILANGO TOME 2(Tome 2, “Ilango”, watercolors.)

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4 Responses to ““Le Figaro””

  1. Shanth Enjeti Says:


    I love this image and the sketches below. The visuals you are creating feel so epic and vast like a new mythology. I hope you will release a book on your process for creating your work. I would like to see a book that contains both your creature designs and your landscape work.

    The sketches below are some of the best creature designs I’ve seen anyone do!

    I can’t wait for Tome 2!

    Best wishes,

  2. Laura Zuccheri Says:

    Thank you Shanth…I hope I ‘ll release a book,because I have a lot of thinks to say!.I’m paintings other landescape, and I’m preparing other projects.
    Now I’m working on Tome 2, very very interesting.

    Best wishes,

  3. E_Bone Says:

    Complimenti,ho scoperto il tuo blog ora e devo dire che sei bravissima.
    Davvero una bella scoperta!

  4. Paolo Canossa Says:

    Sugar..ma sei proprio tu??


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