Digital effects


Kuruk from Les Épées de Verre, Tome 2"Ilango" (Watercolour on paper)

It’s very important for me use colors WITHOUT digital effect. Why? Because the effects must be done with manual drawing color. They are more realistic than digital effects. In cinema the greatest films of ever were done without digital computer effects. For example “2001 Space Odissey” or THX1138. The effects are artisan!!! I use my computer as only work assistant! My originals are “natural”, no digital effects except first and second box in “planche 1” of Les Épées de Verre Tome 1 “Yama”.


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2 Responses to “Digital effects”

  1. Shanth Enjeti Says:

    Your work is incredible. I will be ordering it as soon as it is available. Congratulations!

  2. Mat Says:


    I just read your comic book “Les Epées de verre” and I am really impressed about your artwork. I really like it. Wow !

    I’d like to know if you would sell some original artwork from “Les Epées de Verre” and what would be the price of a page. Depending on the price I could be very interested in buying some of your art.

    Otherwise, would you accept to perform commission ?

    Thanks for your answer.

    Take care.


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