Rapsodia in green

Rapsodia in Green

Le serate di Giugno possono essere piuttosto umide e piovose,regalando scenari d’intenso verde…(Olio su tela 200x150cm).

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4 Responses to “Rapsodia in green”

  1. robi Says:

    Ciao Laura! I tuoi oli sono bellissimi, questo (per ora) è il mio preferito, lo trovo decisamente affascinante!

  2. Laura Zuccheri Says:

    Ciao robi!Grazie mille,questo quadro è enorme ed è stata una faticaccia, ma sono riuscita a rendere il cupo che c’era quel giorno!

  3. Bertrand de Saint Exupery Says:

    Hello Laura,

    I have just discovered your blog and your work on « Les epees de verre” on Humanoides site.
    It is so impressive and so wonderful. I really like your nature and forest views. It is like if we can smell trees, moss, fungi, humus. There is some influence of Corot but with your own style. I love your painting you called “Rapsodia in green”. Brightness is very well made.

    You have a great talent.

    If you are interested to sell pages of your work (from “les epees de verre”) I would be very pleased to acquire one if it goes with my budget : above all with forest views like page 52. Can you tell me your price ?

    I’m waiting for the august 19th to see the all book.

    Best regards and congratulation.


  4. criztu Says:

    your forests are fascinating.

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